Identifying the right print company for your branding!

We have a lot of printing companies around the globe but we all get confused who is the right printer though we have many options from local printers to online printers. This article helps you to find quality printers with value for money solution.

1) Visit the company and premises

As your print job is important so is visiting the printer yourself, to get an idea of their facilities and how they perform, get in conversations with the staff and understand the operations. Presentation and quality of their premises reflects the quality of work they deliver. Ensure you keep up a good rapport with them.

2) While checking the quality never compromise the price for quality

  • Is there Smudging of ink?
  • Is the text Misregisterd?
  • Are the images Blurred?
  • Are the printed products upto your standard or not?

Low price gets you low quality prints, cause reducing production cost by using cheap quality ink and materials can help them get you the cheapest price in the market but there drops your brand value.

3) Investigate the level of customer service you will receive.

Ideally, you should go to a printer who can manage the project entirely

  • Print
  • Personalization
  • Collation
  • Finishing
  • Binding
  • Storage
  • Fulfillment

Ensure that they are committed and deliver professional service with proper communication and client management.

4) Take a tour on company reputation

Go through the website and reviews of their clients, since when they have been established, social media presence and check on client experiences. The more you research the more you can upfront.

5)  Choose the right format of printer for your job.

It is really important that the printing format company uses, because it defines the quality and cost of your print job. Litho printing would be cost-effective for higher quality prints as well as larger quantities with option of print effects and special finishes such as spot color or foil.

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