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Acrylic and Canvas – Digital Printing

Searching for the most ideal approach to give an interesting and an engaging makeover to your home, hotel or office? Looking for alternatives that could show your most appreciated photographs in the lounge room for each visitor to respect? There are two types of Digital Printing that you can opt for which is Acrylic and Canvas.

Acrylic prints have turned out to be really popular these days and highly appreciated by the people. Why? That’s because they have a number of advantages. Acrylic prints are famous among the people who are looking to decorate their hotels, homes and offices. While there are numerous materials, for example, glass, metal, canvas etc. None of them can compare the elegance as given by acrylic prints.

However, Canvas prints are exceptional which has been in use since a long time. Canvas prints which are created with dye sublimation or inkjet printers are mostly known as Giclee. So, by opting for a Canvas Print, you can provide an exceptionally classy look to your living room if you are willing to display canvas art inside your living room.


Full Color Digital Printing in Dubai

In easy words, full color digital printing empowers photorealistic pictures to be printed specifically onto the surface of an item without the utilization of exchanges or sublimation forms. Full color Digital Printing is also known as 4 Color Digital Printing Process or CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black being the four ink hues utilized in the entire process. Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow are the three fundamental colors utilized for color reproduction, however, a Black color is additionally made to give shadow and complexity to the printed picture. So, if you are looking to get Full Color Digital Printing in Dubai on any of your products, for instance, notepads, phone covers, laptop bags, stickers, wood, art paper, glass, aluminum etc. We have got it covered for you!


Benefits of Full Color Digital Printing:

  • Print Photorealistic Images Directly Onto the Product Surface.
  • High Resolution Jpeg Files Suitable For Artwork.
  • Reduced Set Up & Print Costs.
  • Cost Effectively Personalize Products with Individual Names.
  • Vastly Improved Lead Times.

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