Getting your shirts, caps and various other garments embroidered, is definitely the way to make yourself standout amongst the crowd. Aljalaf has the latest machinery which handles the embroidery and gives it the most premium and elegant look. By using our latest digitizing software, we are capable of making a replica of any digital art to embroider it on your clothes and things.

Aljalaf proudly offers a variety of resources to fulfill your embroidery needs. Not just that, if you are looking to get your company’s logo embroidered at any garment, we will do it for you because we are offering the best 3D Embroidery Services in Dubai.

What is 3D Embroidery?

When we talk about 3D embroidery, it isn’t a lot different than the standard one, however, the design that you have opted for is made up in a special file format which is known as a DST document. We utilize this file and the running sheet to tell our machines precisely how it ought to be weaved to guarantee an ideal and perfect finishing.

After the file has been sent to the machine, the articles of clothing are then fixed in that specific area with the help of special support which clips the weaved zone of the piece of clothing to that area and made sure it is tight and won’t move from its place.

In the final process, colors of the thread are added to the machine and the structure is sewed onto the piece of clothing.

Main difference between a conventional embroidery and a 3D one?

The fundamental difference between standard and 3D embroidery is that a foam material is fixed to the garment of clothing before the threads are then weaved over the top. This gives a raised 3D impact that will give your image significantly greater visibility.

On what type of garments can 3D embroidery be used for?

3D embroidery is surely a different and exceptional technique and therefore, it can be used for all types of garments. For instance, clothing from corporate attire, uniforms, work wear and many other types of dresses that you can think of. Regardless of the size of your organization, 3D embroidery is the ideal method to customize your clothes and ensure that your brand name and logo is being more visible to the people and representing your business in a better way.

The main benefit of opting for a 3D embroidery is the durability of it. If you tend to follow all the wash care instructions properly, 3D embroidery will surely last a long time and won’t lose its place.

However, 3D embroidery tends to look best on heavyweight items, for instance, caps, hoodies and sweatshirts. It likewise looks great on work wear items too, such as aprons and jackets.

Here are the main 3 advantages of getting a 3D embroidery done on your garment:

• It would produce a very high quality finishing

• Stylish and modern look

• Excellent durability

As you can see, here are few samples of 3D Embroidery that we have done on the caps and a tshirt:

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