Motorcycle Delivery Boxes – Supply & Branding

Motorcycle Delivery Boxes – Supply & Branding

Since we know that RTA (Roads and Transportation Authority) has come up with new requirements for the delivery bikes, it has become a bit of a hassle for the organizations and restaurants to get their delivery done. However, Al-Jalaf has a key solution to all your problems. We are supplying RTA approved delivery boxes in Dubai. The boxes will be supplied in bulk and will be customized according to the requirements of the customer. Most of the new stipulations concern the delivery box which is mounted on the back of the motorbikes including a maximum dimension of 50x50x50cm, secure attachment, rounded edges and no protrusion beyond the back of the vehicle.

As most of the restaurants know that delivering orders quickly is a good way to expand business and satisfy the customers. Even though some restaurants and shops don’t set strict time limits for deliveries, but still these men know that they have to be quick to complete the customer’s satisfaction. This pressure and the fear of getting scolded by their employers can make them literally zigzag through traffic, risking their lives and those of others. So that is the reason why RTA has implemented these rules for the safety of the bikers.


Delivery boxes are vital for every organization who wants to expand their business and make their products reach the customers. Funky & printed delivery boxes surely attract a lot of customers and make them curious about the products they are delivering in those boxes. Branded boxes are indeed a great marketing technique. We have the best in-house designers available to get your branding and designing done to intrigue the customer base. So, if you are looking for Branded Delivery Boxes in Dubai, we are here to serve you!


No matter how many boxes you require, Al-Jalaf assures to provide you the best quality boxes within the minimum time as possible. Another thing that you can be sure of is that we do not compromise on our quality of the boxes that we produce. Moreover, we supply stickers, LED, prints and panels as well.

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