Digital printing has gone to a whole new level in computer technology and utilizes them to paint your brand image in the best light. However, there’s another type of digital printing and it is known as “digital sublimation printing.” This technique permits full color pictures to be imprinted on a wide range of surfaces, even those that probably won’t function admirably with an inkjet-style printer. You shall know that it isn’t a conventional four color process, digital sublimation includes printing a design onto exchange paper. There are special types of machines which utilize a blend of heat and pressure to press the paper onto an item’s exceptionally treated surface while transferring the design. Voilà! We do sublimation on glass, ceramic mugs, phone covers and personal accessories.

Types of Printing Methods

You need to know that there are three different production strategies for printing on fabric. Direct inkjet printing, screen printing, and dye sublimation. Every strategy will take care of business, yet there are certain things that need to be kept in mind, for example, application, length of utilization, indoor or outdoor, size, quantity, colors utilized, spending plan and others ought to figure out what is the best technique for the particular task.

However, Dye Sublimation offers the best quality picture reproduction and the most durable as compared to all of the methods. Another big advantage that you shall have is that you get to choose from an extensive variety of fabrics available to print. Imprinting on sheer textures makes an awesome look. The most extreme width for dye-sub printing is 10′ and length can go any longer. Quality can shift among various providers, the procedure and input have a significant contribution to quality. Creating incredible printed textures is truly an art in itself. For the individuals who don’t know, dye sub is imprinting on paper and afterward heat transferring on to the fabric.

Advantages of Sublimation Printing

  • Sublimation technique enables you to print full-color pictures onto hard surfaces with a polymer covering.
  • Screen printing can be a complicated learning process and it can turn out to be quite messy as well, however, sublimation is a simpler procedure to ace.
  • Sublimation permits the utilization of a full-color spectrum.
  • It costs as much as the same amount to print 1 thing that it prints 1000, which means the client doesn’t have to arrange the least request amounts, making sublimation the ideal print process for a small venture searching for promotional items, or the gift personalization market.
  • The client will have the complete power to customize it according to his needs. Sublimation printing does not require screens or specialist plates, which means it’s a straightforward procedure to customize the designs with any components that change, for example, individual names, group numbers.
  • Sublimation can be a fast procedure depending on how big is the order which could enable organizations to offer same day or even same hour printing.

So, if you are tired of your old products, you can always opt for Sublimation Printing and turn them into a new one instead of buying new ones. For instance, if you are in search of Mobile Case Printing in Dubai or Printing on Mugs and Cups in Dubai, we will do it for you and make your products more desirable for you.

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